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A Clean Background Means Safety

Here at AQC we pride ourselves on doing a multi-state background checks on all our employees!

I know it seems like common sense but, seriously, many commercial cleaning companies don’t bother with background checks. Why? It can be a big added expense they don’t want to invest in because of the high turnover rate that comes within the commercial cleaning industry.

This is how we see it:

Though a potential employee might seem perfect for a job based on his or her qualifications, there are a wealth of other factors that an employer or hiring manager must consider. The qualifications provided by an employee are often questionable until verified, and other information such as honesty, credibility, or even legal issues may come into play during the hiring process. As a result, an increasingly high number of businesses and employers find that performing employee background checks are an essential aspect of the employee hiring process. As an employer or hiring manager, employee background checks ensure that you are hiring who you think you are hiring.

We clean in many high profile or highly proprietary businesses.

Here are some of the main reasons AQC conducts employee background checks:

Negligent Hiring – Employers are concerned about lawsuits that might arise if they do not check an applicant’s court or criminal record. By not performing an employee background check, many employers run the risk of assuming too much liability for the health and safety of the workforce.

Be in the Know – Think about it… It’s a new world and safety needs to be a primary concern. It’s critical to know if potential employees have a background of child abuse or abduction, are a registered sex offender or have a warrant out for his or her arrest; and yes, even if they are on a terrorist most-wanted list. Beyond all of those horrible things, the potential employee might also have been a part of a scandal in another company or have a long list of Worker’s Comp claims. Here are some of the things a background check will uncover:

  • Driving records
  • Financial records
  • Social Security number
  • Court records
  • Credit records
  • Personal references
  • Property ownership
  • Sex offender lists
  • Criminal records
  • State licensing records
  • Educational and certificate verification
  • Worker’s compensation records

False Information – Since the economy went south and is in a rebuilding stage jobs have been in short supply, many potential candidates are willing to commit resume fraud in order to boost themselves above the competition. Employers need to uncover false information, such as a false salary or job position, before the person is hired.

State and Federal Law Requirements – Depending on the nature of the business, many state or federal agencies require that employers perform background checks on all job applicants that reach a certain level in the hiring process. Consult with your attorney to find out what your business is required to do.

Here at AQC we’re not just focused on delivering the best cleaning services in the area, but we hold your safety (as well as ours) as a priority. That’s why we conduct a multi-state background check on all employees before they are in your facility!

Ah, now this actually makes sense, right?

As an AQC customer you have the peace of mind that our team members are fully vetted before they go to work. If you’re not, make sure that the company that is cleaning your facility is doing a comprehensive background check – you want to be sure the people you are letting in to your business after hours don’t pose any type of threat. And take the time to vet your vendors thoroughly as well – make sure all of their employees are background checked for your safety. Sure that other bid might be cheaper, but ask yourself what they’re cutting corners on. Safety should never be one of them.

If your cleaning company doesn’t do background checks, give us a call so you’ll not only benefit from a clean space, but from a team with with clean backgrounds!