Why Choose Us?

WHY US?  So glad you asked…

The Always Quality Cleaning Services Difference

It starts with our team. Our process begins with first hiring the right people to do the job.  We go to extremes to make sure that we hire the right people – the best people for your facility. By using a scientific assessment that measures the specific skills and behaviors that are relevant to the job, our employee selection process results in low employee turnover and high quality cleaning services.

Once hired, each employee must complete our independently certified training program. Our training program consists of nine different training modules. After completing the training modules, our employees are then field trained into their respective positions to ensure they know their jobs well.

Once we start the actual cleaning process we have rigid quality controls. Again, we use a web-based inspection system called Quality Assurance that provides immediate communications to our employees. If a deficiency is found, the supervisor logs it into the system. Once the deficiency is corrected it is recorded as corrected.

For ongoing communications we will provide you access to our web-based Work Order System. You will be able to make any requests and then be notified automatically when the request is completed. All requests automatically notify someone on our management team, a supervisor and the cleaner responsible for a given area.

These extra features are just our way of going above and beyond to make sure you feel secure in your decision to use AQC Commercial Cleaning for maintaining cleanliness in your office!

WE KNOW DETAILS – We specialize in the “details” of cleaning, company operations, accountability and follow through.

More reasons to choose AQC:

QUICK RESPONSE TIME– We have systems in place for immediate response time; same day customer visits correspond with same night janitorial training, and follow up the next day, and several weeks out, just to make sure.

SUPERVISION –  Our Professional Cleaners are supervised regularly & we perform monthly on-site inspections as a tool to work directly with our crews to improve, learn, and grow.

CONSISTENCY – The methods we use to Inspect & Train are all reported for accountability. We also have on-going monthly safety & training sessions to keep our employees engaged and motivated.  All of this ensures our customers first cleaning is the same as there 365th cleaning.

EXPERIENCE – Staying innovative & involved in our industry, learning new and improved methods, and following the very Best Practices, along with our 18+ years of cleaning & industry experience is what sets AQC apart from the rest!

EMERGENCY AFTER HOURS CONTACT – We are available day and night for your convenience.  Call our office during business hours at 503-516-2477 or our after hours emergency line at 503-327-4449.

Here at AQC we are involved and we  really truly care. We choose to go the extra mile and take great pride in our work.  We care about our reputation, and what our customers have to say. We care about our employees and we take excellent pride in that.  We care about the quality of our supplies and the equipment we use. We care about our local communities, causes and our environment. Simply put, we care.

AQC specializes in  the “details” of cleaning, quality products &  materials, and in following the Best Practices principle.

AQC believes in the “details” of what is important to you, our customer.

Don’t you think it is time to start experiencing the best? Call Today!

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