A.Q.C. is your local, full-service, Portland Commercial Cleaning Company that has been servicing the Greater West side and Portland Metro area since 1994.

We provide Routine Janitorial cleaning services, floor care services, carpet cleaning, window cleaning services and much much more to all types of offices, medical & dental facilities, banks, industrial space, and we can accommodate any size from small spaces on up to over 200,000 sf on up. You Name it…We Clean it!

A.Q.C. Building Maintenance  is competitively priced while keeping the quality of our cleaning products and equipment because we know that cheaper products will affect our customers in the long run. We offer maintenance contracts and are more than willing to meet any customer’s budget.

Here at A.Q.C. Building Maintenance we value our employees, we have incorporated excellent training and safety programs for our employees, as well as continuing our ongoing training and safety programs while in the field to help keep our employees motivated and on the leading edge of our industry.

We take great pride in our work, and believe in accountability and follow through not only with our employees, but with our customers too.

At A.Q.C. Building Maintenance we pride ourselves on our outstanding relationships developed with our customers over the years. This has been accomplished by routine customer service, walk through, follow ups on customer requests, and making sure our customers are aware that we are here for them, that we care, and that we value their feedback. We also make sure they have plenty of ways to reach our customer service department any time of any day, because here at A.Q.C. Building Maintenance we are always open 24/7 for our customers.

We also value our Employees. We have strong cleaning teams here that have been properly trained, and we continuously work side by side with them for ongoing training, and accountability. We hand pick each new candidate after they have passed a full background check, and a 90 day trial period before becoming a full team member and wearing the A.Q.C. uniform. Our employees take great pride in a quality job well done!

A.Q.C. Building Maintenance stands out from the rest with our experience and our attention to details. We believe that every customer is important, we work hard to get you and we will work even harder to keep you and keep you happy! We find that keeping customers happy tends to be in the details, and because we are always in contact with our customers we know when they need something, have a request, and yes, we know right away when they may have a complaint.  It gives us the opportunity to address your needs sooner, rather than later.

We feel strongly about the quality of services we provide – so strongly that we guarantee all of our work.

We know what we are doing, we are experienced, trained, organized, and professional, so you can count on us! Our customers do not have to worry about anything at all in relation to their establishment, they know we can take care of anything and everything,  just like we would our own establishment.

A.Q.C.  is truly here for you.