Commercial Carpet Cleaning Portland

For Carpet Cleaning Portland Businesses Call AQC!

Portland commercial carpet cleaning is an important routine for all establishments for 3 main reasons:

1) Essential first impression to your business 

2)  Maintaining your investment 

3) Providing a healthier work environment

Our Portland commercial carpet cleaning services are always done with quality products and equipment. We guarantee all of our work and our pricing is very competitive. We can accommodate any size building or facility from under 5,000 sf to over 200,000 sf with ease.

Any Size * Any Frequency * One-time Services  * Routine Maintenance Contracts  * Emergency Services

Retail *  Office * Medical * Government * Educational * Banking * Industrial * Hotel * Apartments

One of our carpet cleaning vans is equipped with the PROCHEM Everest hp650 – Compliments of partnering with Ilya Rahklin, and utilizing his 20 plus years of Floor

Industry experience, know how, and knowledge has been a huge asset to A.Q.C..  Featuring a 650 tri-flow blower for true “dual wand operation” allowing two separate carpet cleaners to work simultaneously with quality temperature control and pressure; this is a priority for time management in larger, multilevel buildings. This system cleans with 250 degrees of “steam”, at 1000-3000 PSI, and can go over 600ft without losing any pressure or temperature; optimal for sanitizing, quick dry time, and strong enough to pull out any stain. We feel so strongly about our carpet cleaning services that we guarantee all of our work and we offer a complimentary onsite demonstration to earn your business.



Do you know the benefits to maintaining your carpets with regular cleaning? Here are a few reason to consider a regular maintenance plan:

Maintains the Form

Another benefit of routine Portland commercial carpet cleaning is the maintenance of its form. The ragged edges of dirt and sand particles contribute to the wear-and-tear of the fibers. Through constant use and accumulation of dirt, you will notice a distortion in its form. However, when you clean it regularly, you freshen up the fibers and make it look new again.

Prevents Mold Formation

Carpet is a good breeding site for mold and other fungal elements. The warmth of the material is very conducive for their growth. This is a common scenario in cold and humid places.  With routine carpet cleaning, you discourage the formation of molds in the material. The chemicals you use destroy the possible sources of fungal contamination and helping to maintain a healthier work environment for your employees, customers, and investment.

Get rid of Bugs and Beetles

Carpets are giant filters. They trap dirt, dust and allergens in them. These particles are attractive for insects. Because of the favorable temperature and environment, they attract insects like bugs and beetles. When you allow them to stay longer, these insects will start eating up the fibers in the material and ruin your investment. They can also create a foul smell that is not only gross, but very unprofessional.

You name it! We clean it!