Pollen Is In the Air… Keep It Out of the Office!

A Pollen & Dust Free Office is a Healthy Office

Allergy season has arrived! You see it on your car, floating in the air, and it will find its way into your office. When it does it can not only leave a nasty coating on everything, but it can clog the filtration system creating havoc with your employees’ health.

Throughout the Spring and Summer pollen is at its worst. You need to have a handle on it or it could cost you money in the way of employee down time! AQC can help you with this by performing regularly scheduled detailed office cleanings and the benefits are endless.

Regular cleaning of surfaces and vent grates can serve to minimize the impact that seasonal and dust allergies have on your team by reducing the amount of irritants that are in the air or on surfaces. An unclean work environment can do way more damage than just costing the company lost work hours due to illness. Long-term issues can present themselves resulting in disability claims, lawsuits and increases in insurance premiums. In fact there have been several documented cases that prove regular detailed cleaning of a workplace can significantly reduce “sick time” employees take by 46%!

Commercial cleaning companies like AQC are an important part of a partnership to create a healthy work environment. We love to partner with companies that “value clean!”

Remember “a clean office is a healthy office!”

Getting started is simple, just visit our Web site at www.AQCLLC.com , email us at hello@AQCLLC.com or call us at 503-516-2477 and we can help you with all your cleaning needs.

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