Can You Say – Deep Cleaning for the Holidays?

Many fans of AQC don’t realize that we also do residential cleaning. It’s not something we actively promote, but many of our commercial clients love the level of service we provide and the relationship that we’ve built with them so much that they request we continue that to their residence.

That being said many people think their homes are quite clean because they clean all the time, right? Mainly it’s surface cleaning; vacuum, dust, hard floors, bathrooms. Often times we have to start with a deep clean.

Most people don’t realize there’s cleaning… and then there’s cleaning. Yes, they wipe down their stove top and counter tops, maybe even clean behind their toilet from time to time. But there are lots of areas that aren’t as easy to get to that need cleaning.

You don’t think you need a professional cleaner?

Have you checked these areas lately? Put your glasses on and go take a little looksee! Get ready to make a list. These are areas you will want to tackle… or AQC can;

  1. Base Boards: I’d have to say this is the number one area that is often overlooked. Most of us (me included!) just don’t enjoy bending down to clean. Have you ever heard the term ‘strike zone cleaning’? It just means we tend to concentrate on the strike zone area to clean, and avoid over our heads and below our knees. Because baseboards are low to the ground, they accumulate lots of dust, and why oh why does dog hair cling to the baseboards like it does? It’s ridiculous!  It builds up quickly! Try to get to this area at least every two weeks. Hand wiping isn’t always necessary though. Just use a lambs wool duster and only hand wipe maybe once a month or so, depending on your particular needs and circumstances.
  1. Door Knobs: Think about it for a minute. How germy are these and how many times a day do hands touch the doorknobs in your home? If you have a large family, and snotty nosed, coughing children running around, the answer is A LOT! Disinfect/Sanitize these areas as often as you can.
  1. Light Switches: Same thing goes for light switches! Stop reading right now and go take a look at your light switches. Notice how they are looking a little worse for wear? Thought so. Get that disinfectant/sanitizer and give them a quick wipe. Takes just a minute and they’ll look so much better and be more sanitary too.
  1. Chair Legs: Remember that strike zone? Well, guess what? Chair legs are pretty low to the ground and are often overlooked. This is the time of year those pesty little teeny tiny spiders like to come inside and make their near invisible (except for when company comes) cobwebs everywhere. Chair Legs seem to be a favorite! Oh and did I mention dog hair?
  1. Under Couch Cushions and the Couch: If you have pets (dog hair is like a magnate under the couch) or small children (where did all those Legos & puzzle pieces go) go try to get to these area every two weeks. If not, once a month is perfect.
  1. Behind and Under the Refrigerator: This area is overlooked for obvious reasons. Who wants to move a refrigerator?? But ew, you will be amazed what you find there! If you’re able to get to the back without moving it, just use a duster to remove some of the dust bunnies. If you have to move it, let’s face it, once a year is good enough in my book.
  1. Lampshades and Bulbs: Lampshades attract dust like honey attracts ants. Ever bumped into your lamp and the dust goes flying? Dust these at least every two weeks.
  1. Grease Filters: Just make it easy on yourself. Put these in the dishwasher. If you cook a lot, do this every two weeks.
  1. Picture Frames: The tops of picture frames, especially if they’re hanging, get overlooked because we usually can’t see it. Take a few minutes once a month to tackle this job. Oh, and don’t forget to straighten them out when you’re done or I’ll have the picture police at your door (that would be me with level in hand!)
  1. Handles: The handles on your oven, refrigerator, microwave and cabinets take a beating. Clean these weekly, or better yet, every day if you touch particular ones repeatedly when you’re cooking, just make it part of your cleaning up after dinner.
  1. Windows: Here’s one area you don’t need to do too often, once or twice a year, depending on where you live, should be enough. But in the winter dreary Northwest if you have a day where the sun pops it’s little rays out you will wish you kept on top of this more!
  1. Shelves: A couple of times a year or more, take everything off your shelves and dust. While you’re at it, think about if you really need or even want the items you’re dusting. Now would be a great time to declutter! Make sure you move the items that are on your kitchen counter and wipe behind them too. While you are at it you might want to seal your granite counters if you have them.
  1. Mats: Just because you can’t always see how dirty your door mats are, trust me, they’re filthy. Wash the mats if you can, and shake out or vacuum the ones you can’t. Do this at least 6-12 times a year. Mats aren’t that expensive, so consider replacing them fairly regularly.
  1. Ridges on Cabinets: If you have raised door panels on your kitchen cabinets, armoires, etc., lots of dust settles there. Use a duster regularly, and hand wipe at least every 6-8 weeks.
  1. Under Beds and Furniture: There’s that strike zone thing again! Vacuum if you’re able, but be careful you don’t nick the furniture! Use a lambs wool duster for areas a vacuum can’t reach.  Every 2 months should be enough for most homes, but if you have pets that shed (again with the dog hair and the maginate effect) you might need to up that a bit.

I know this list seems pretty long, doesn’t it? But I promise most of these things can be done in an afternoon or two. I’m a big believer in doing a little at a time so it doesn’t get overwhelming and you end up doing nothing.

AQC can help if you don’t want to do it yourself and you can just let that be our little secret!