What’s the Difference Between a Janitor & Cleaning Services?

We all understand why you need keep your business clean. But what are the differences between janitor and cleaning services?

To create a wonderful impression on clients, visitors and staff, a company should always maintain spotless office spaces. Commercial areas, back offices, kitchens and restrooms should look their best.

This will often require a dedicated person or company to do specialized tasks, and these tasks can require knowledge and experience so they achieve the result intended. Cleaning may not seem that complicated, but when your office space must not only be clean but also have everything in good repair, it does mean that you need someone who knows what they are doing.

Making a Decision on How to Get Your Spaces Clean

There are two solutions. You can hire a janitor service or put an employee on these tasks as a double duty. You could also hire a cleaning service to take care of your company’s cleaning needs. There are differences between the two, and knowing what these differences are will help you make a decision on what you should do – hire a janitor or custodian, or get the benefits of a professional cleaning done by a cleaning service. Getting more effective and safe cleaning done for your dollar is what it is really all about. You want to pair with a company that values clean!

A Janitor Versus a Cleaning Service

Janitors are generally part of the staff of a company, and therefore would be subject to everything a normal employee would require. This includes:

  • Payroll
  • Social Security
  • Medicare
  • Unemployment
  • Worker compensation insurance
  • Paid holidays, vacations and sick days

On the other hand, a cleaning service hired to clean your office spaces is not on the payroll and none of the personnel come under these requirements. You pay the agency a flat fee on a contract basis and they come in (usually on off hours) to clean the office spaces or retail areas. You can determine how often they come in to do the cleaning. The fee is set according to the need. You aren’t paying by the hour for an employee to clean, along with all that entails in business taxes.

Types of Work They Perform

The jobs performed may differ between a janitorial service and a cleaning agency. Janitors or custodians often only do the major tasks such as emptying trash, washing windows and mopping floors. A cleaning service will take on all cleaning needs, from sanitizing bathrooms, resurfacing your flooring, cleaning or repairing tile floors to marble restoration carpet cleaning and sanitation, indoor and outdoor window cleaning, pressure waxing,  emergency services at any time needed.

It makes sense to hire a cleaning company. One that does multi-state background checks, one that can handle expert cleaning services that cover everything needed to have your office or retail spaces look their very best and create the best impression possible. You will have happier and healthier employees whose working environment is a place they can get down to the business of their jobs, not worrying about germs or pollen circulating in the office.

You save money. It’s a win-win all around. Please give AQC COMMERCIAL CLEANING a call at 503-516-2477 and we can help you with any of your business cleaning needs.